Overseas Programs

Burkina Faso Central

Training in system of rice intensification, sesame and moringa production, and nutrition training.

Burkina Faso Namentenga

Training in gardening and marketing using Skills for Marketing and Rural Transformation (SMART) training techniques.

Central African Republic Gamboula

Research farm introducing improved varieties and crop knowledge to indigenous groups and mothers with malnourished children.

Democratic Republic of Congo Katanga Kamina

Training on improved crop production, soy and moringa cultivation, ox plowing, dietary education, sanitation training and wells.

Kenya Magarini

Organizational capacity building, poultry, crop husbandry, soil fertility, nutrition and sanitation.

Kenya Makueni

Building resilience to changes in weather patterns through conservation agriculture

Kenya Ndeiya

Water, soil conservation and small animals will increase food supply in an area susceptible to recurrent drought.