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Uganda - Busoga
Namubuka Grains Cooperative

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Uganda - Busoga

The Uganda-Busoga Program is part of Lutheran World Relief's exciting 3-program pilot project which focuses on the role of gender in agriculture development. Both men and women farmers and their families in this region are food insecure, due to low incomes.  The root causes of this problem are twofold:1) collective procurement of inputs, collective marketing, and delivery of financial services to farmers is ineffective, with significant barriers for women to participate in and benefit from these collective activities; and 2) women and men are faced with low maize productivity, affecting both farm income and food security due to less maize available for home consumption.  To address this problem, the project will improve food security among the farming communities in the region and targeted men and women farmers will have increased incomes from the sale of maize.

Images from Uganda - Busoga