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Kenya - Tigania
ADS - Mt Kenya

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Kenya - Tigania

The goal of this program is to enhance food security in the Tigania area, located in Meru County, Kenya.  This project seeks to contribute to this overall goal through:

  • Households diversifying their sources of income;
  • Farmers practicing agricultural methods that mitigate the risk of crop failure related to drought;
  • Communities practicing better stewardship of water, soil and forest resources;
  • Households practicing appropriate feeding and nutrition practices for young children
  • Households doing recommended hygiene and sanitation practices and gaining access to clean water.

Program activities will include:

  • Formation of Village Savings and Lending groups.
  • Traning of farmers through Farmer Field Schools on conservation agriculture, poultry rearing, cultivation of dry land crops and other strategies for reducing risk from drought.
  • Promotion of water, sanitation and hygiene practices at the household and community level.
  • Integration of nutrition education and cooking demonstrations in Farmer Field School activities.

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