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A wise adage declares that people are hungry because they are powerless and powerless because they are hungry. The Global Food Crisis Fund stands to address this dilemma by strengthening the productivity and well-being of the poor and hungry.

Launched in 1983, the Global Food Crisis Fund is the primary instrument of the Church of the Brethren General Board for addressing the problem of food security. The Fund seeks donations and disburses grants that help the poor in developing communities launch small-scale agriculture, build local capacity, and foster self-reliance. Working largely with faith-based partners, the Fund bolsters the dignity and independence of impoverished peoples, supports efforts to reduce infant and maternal malnutrition, and equips orphans and returning refugees to stand on their own.

The Fund enlists Brethren congregations in launching growing projects for Foods Resource Bank. It garners support for the Millennium Development Goals on reducing hunger and poverty in this generation, upholding the goals as today’s beatitudes for the least of these. It participates in forums of the Interfaith Anti-Hunger Coordinators. Foremost, it encourages and equips the hungry and poor to forge leadership within their own ranks and to move families and communities from subsistence to sustainability.

Giving momentum to the Global Food Crisis Fund’s efforts in advocacy and education are the more than 2,000 biblical references on feeding the hungry, loving the enemy, and pursuing justice for the oppressed. The Fund contends that no longer are the most vulnerable the most expendable. It counsels supporters to “draw out your soul to the hungry” (Psa. 58:10), so that others may “live full lives, full in the fullness of God” (Eph. 3:19, The Message).

While long-term agricultural and community development is the banner carried by the Global Food Crisis Fund, the deeper significance of its work is seen in crossing borders, embracing strangers, and bearing witness to the fullness of Christ’s love. In so doing, the Fund signals compassion, nourishes life, and plants not only seeds but hope.

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Jay Wittmeyer
Church of the Brethren's Global Food Crisis Fund (GFCF)