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Hold with Open Hands


I continue to marvel at the deep wisdom and elegant simplicity of the FRB model; all it asks is that we hold before ourselves open hands and see what it is that we have to offer. For some it is the knowledge and love of farming, for others it is land or seed or the machinery to plant, tend and harvest a crop to be grown for the benefit of other farmers in places where hunger stifles potential and erodes hope. For others it is skill in fundraising or having financial resources to contribute. And for some like Dale Goodman it is the network of relationships from which one can invite together a diverse group to hear about FRB and see what might happen. 

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Working and Learning with FRB

This past February I traveled to Nebaj, Guatemala on a Work-Learning trip with Foods Resource Bank (FRB). Our project in Guatemala was to work hand-in-hand with members of a small village to construct a greenhouse. The hope was to provide greater food and nutritional security to these mountain villagers throughout the year. FRB’s main goal on their Work-Learning trips, however, is to give motivation, support, and solidarity to the people in poverty who receive FRB funds. So, while we were there to build a greenhouse, more importantly we were there to build relationships. And that was the part of the trip that I will remember the most.

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Women are saving money in Malawi!

In my 9/27 blog post I wrote about what I learned from Nancy Kimani Hinga, program coordinator for the FRB/CRWRC-World Renew food security program in Nkhoma, Malawi. We attended a harvest festival in SW Michigan together, where she spoke about her work. Here is another uplifting story Nancy told us about the Nkhoma program.  

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Learning from an Overseas Visitor

I had the pleasure of attending a recent growing project harvest celebration with a representative of one of our programs in Malawi. Nancy Kimani Hinga, program consultant for CRWRC/World Renew, is in North America now on a deputation visit. She’s a deeply spiritual, friendly and gracious person, and an excellent speaker. She reported to attendees on the impact FRB’s Malawi-Nkhoma program has had on the women who participate in it. 

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Celebrating the Diversity and Holiness of Agriculture

The natural world is full of wonder. Built into the design of creation is mystery and wonder and a reliance on the Creator to keep it all going. Several weeks ago I found myself walking on a mile-long lava flow in Eastern Oregon. I sat on top of a chunk of obsidian, lava so superheated it turned to glass. Looking out over the flow and the dormant volcanoes beyond, I spotted a lone pine tree rooted onto a piece of lava rock in what looked like a soilless, waterless environment. I sat in wonder staring at this lone pine tree thriving on what little it had around it. I feel the same wonder when I look over farms across the world and around this country, even though I studied agriculture and all the science behind it. 

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A Gift for Several Michigan Growing Projects

What a precious gift FRB receives from Green Valley Agricultural Inc (GVA) who supplies a number of Michigan growing projects with pallets of seed each year. Employee La Raine Salmon explains how  it all began:

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Transformation at a Coldplay Concert

FRB Staff member, Kelsey Day wrote the following blog post for Oxfam, which can be found by clicking the link at the end of this blog post.

On Wednesday 8th August in Chicago, I went through a transformation and became a giant corn cob. Not only did I go out in public, but I went, to a COLDPLAY CONCERT, as a giant corn cob.

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The Power of Story

While traveling with FRB volunteers in Malawi and Zambia I met volunteers from the Conrad, IA growing project. Arlyn and Marla Schipper told me about their involvement with a growing project and about their sweet corn sales. A year later while starting work with FRB in California, I had the opportunity to meet with a farmer from the Davis Community Church (Presbyterian) and I, in turn, told him the Conrad, IA story.

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Another Day is Here

I grew up in a temperate rain forest. While it didn’t rain all the time, we certainly got more than our share. As a kid who loved to explore outside (I still do) I was never happy when the rain interfered with my latest plan for adventure. In the hopes that it might work, we used to sing the song, “Rain, rain, go away, come again another day!”

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Join Angela and FRB at the Wild Goose Festival

A river runs through our town here in Bend, OR and there are always wild Canadian geese floating along it. At least, growing up, we always referred to them as Canadian geese.  I have since seen them all over the United States so I suppose they really are North American geese. What I always loved about Canadian geese is their easy ability to cross borders, to see the world from a much wider perspective, to land where the food looks plentiful and the waters are inviting.

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