Become an FRB Field Volunteer


Foods Resource Bank's Field Volunteer Program is designed to engage people in a deeper way. Many volunteers have been involved with FRB for a long time and we want to continue to use their gifts and invite others to do the same. FRB offers this opportunity to those who have been transformed by FRB and want to serve.

As a Field Volunteer, you will have the opportunity to connect spiritually, intellectually, professionally, and socially with FRB and with others working to grow lasting solutions to hunger. FRB needs people to help start growing projects and to visit existing growing projects to thank them for their involvement. We also need future board and committee leaders.

Being an FRB volunteer is not based on skill or profession or age, but on passion to do more with FRB.  The program formalizes what is already happening informally – we have so many people who support and promote FRB on their own, and the Field Volunteer Program will recognize them and offer them more opportunities to do so.

We hope you start small and go forward to help FRB accomplish great things. 

Call us (888) 276-4372 to learn more!