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Programs Eligible for Funding

Below are all of the programs eligible for funding. Please use this resource to determine which program(s) you would like to support. For more information about a particular program, click on the program name.  Here is the donation form with the new donation mailbox.

Program Supporting Members Funding Needed
Argentina Bolivia - Gran Chaco
Working in two remote and often ignored areas to increase opportunities for creating sustainable food security and economic development.
Supporting Members: UCC-OGHS,UMCOR,CWS
Lead Member: CC(DOC)WOC $55,000
Armenia - FHSLD
Training socially vulnerable families and institution residents in small farm management and preparing nutritious meals.
Lead Member: UMCOR Fully Funded
Armenia - Shirak
Poultry and sheep: Pass on the gift
Lead Member: NCM Fully Funded
Bangladesh - Kendua
Improved food security for 1080 households in Kendua by 2020.
Lead Member: World Renew $31,317
Burkina Faso - Namentenga
Training in gardening and marketing using Skills for Marketing and Rural Transformation (SMART) training techniques.
Lead Member: CRS $77,345
Burkina Faso Central
Training in system of rice intensification, sesame and moringa production, and nutrition training.
Lead Member: MCC $26,307
Cambodia - East
Utilizing climate-smart technologies, greenhouses and mushroom grow houses, to increase women's income.
Lead Member: WHI $68,140
Cambodia - South
intensification practices and farming systems that enhance the productivity of farms and farmers' access to markets.
Lead Member: World Renew $40,579
Central African Republic - Gamboula
Research farm introducing improved varieties and crop knowledge to indigenous groups and mothers with malnourished children.
Lead Member: ECC-CWR $55,845
Colombia - Chocó
Small scale agriculture to replace illicit crops with food crops.
Lead Member: MCC $58,593
Colombia - Sincelejo
Agriculture, organizational capacity building, and savings help local groups develop livelihoods.
Lead Member: MCC $18,012
Democratic Republic of Congo - Katanga Kamina
Training on improved crop production, soy and moringa cultivation, ox plowing, dietary education, sanitation training and wells.
Lead Member: UMCOR $60,000
Dominican Republic - Bateyes
Batey (former work camp) residents increase access to land, agricultural inputs, production techniques, marketing, basic education and organizational strengthening.
Supporting Members: CWS,World Renew,UMCOR
Lead Member: CC(DOC)WOC $113,469
Guatemala - Four Departments
Improved crop production, environmentally sustainable practices.
Lead Member: World Renew $79,870
Guatemala - Nebaj - Quetzaltenango
Multiple strategies of traditional and innovative crops and technologies help indigenous groups improve nutrition and food security.
Supporting Members: CWS
Lead Member: CC(DOC)WOC $69,424
Guatemala - Sibinal
Agri-ecologial learning models, production and sales of organic fertilizer and native vegetable seeds.
Lead Member: MCC Fully Funded
Haiti - Northwest
Training and strengthening of cooperatives as well as provision of credit helps long term residents and internally displaced persons.
Supporting Members: CC(DOC)WOC,UCC-OGHS,CWS
Lead Member: RCA $18,476
Haiti - Thiotte
Working with local cooperatives in the southeast of Haiti to improve coffee yields and post-harvest marketing.
Supporting Members: CRS,UMCOR
Lead Member: World Relief $27,869
Honduras - Nueva Frontera
natural resource protection & conservation practices to improve agricultural production and mitigate the effects of climate change
Supporting Members: CC(DOC)WOC,UCC-OGHS,CWS
Lead Member: RCA $80,133
Honduras - Orocuina & Liure
Nutritious food supported with seeds, storage, animals and watershed protection.
Lead Member: MCC $19,460
India - Namkum
Creating sustainable livelihoods through the introduction of rainwater harvesting, organic farming and livestock management practices
Lead Member: MCC Fully Funded
India - South
Promoting food security and biodiversity through native seeds.
Lead Member: PCUSA $46,035
India - Umsning
SALT (Sloping Agricultural Land Technology), water harvesting, SRI (System of Rice Intensification), composting, kitchen gardens and livestock rearing.
Lead Member: World Renew $7,630
Kenya - Magarini
Organizational capacity building, poultry, crop husbandry, soil fertility, nutrition and sanitation.
Lead Member: World Renew $43,108
Kenya - Ndeiya
Water, soil conservation and small animals will increase food supply in an area susceptible to recurrent drought.
Lead Member: World Renew Fully Funded
Kenya - Ngong Najile
Capacity building of Self Help Groups (SHGs) in governance, agriculture and livestock management.
Lead Member: MCC Fully Funded
Kenya - Ngong-Intashat
Pastoralist self help groups improve livestock, crops and access to water.
Lead Member: MCC $202,927
Kenya - Tigania
Food Security, Savings and Lending, Nutrition and Sanitation
Lead Member: World Renew $57,123
Kenya - West Pokot
Drought tolerant crops, fruit and medicinal trees, agroforestry and bio-intensive farming.
Lead Member: ECC-CWR $69,312
Malawi - Chingale
Community mobilization, maize production, crop diversification, irrigation, seed multiplication, agro-forestry, livestock and off farm income generation.
Lead Member: PCUSA Fully Funded
Mexico - Chiapas Ocosingo
Conservation farming and leadership development
Lead Member: MCC $20,000
Mozambique - Garden
Home gardening, cattle stocking, and environment preservation.
Lead Member: WHI $28,604
Myanmar - Chin
Improved grain storage and seed selection techniques to increase the availability of maize and improve food security.
Lead Member: CRS $45,000
Nepal - Bhatigachh
Working with landless and land-poor and families to improve livelihood, food security and community nutrition.
Lead Member: MCC $24,726
Nicaragua - Boaco
Improving farming techniques to help rural communities deal with the challenges of climate change.
Supporting Members: RCA
Lead Member: World Renew $50,000
Nicaragua - Conquista
Land purchase is combined with agricultural training to small land holders.
Lead Member: World Renew $49,792
Nicaragua - Farmer
Diversified production, mitigation for climate change.
Supporting Members: UCC-OGHS,RCA
Lead Member: World Renew $45,500
Nicaragua - Mateare Carazo
Sustainable access to safe water, diversified organic farming, seed banks, and learning exchanges foster sustainable livelihoods.
Supporting Members: CWS,UCC-OGHS
Lead Member: UMCOR $65,529
Nicaragua - Rio Coco
Demonstration farms and production centers train farmers to share learning in remote disaster prone communities.
Supporting Members: CWS
Lead Member: UCC-OGHS $57,239
Palestine - Gaza
Small animal management and marketing in a very challenging context.
Lead Member: MCC $34,964
Palestine - Westbank
Water Harvesting and home gardening
Lead Member: MCC $50,000
Peru - Castrovirreyna
Working with indigenous, highland, communities to increase yields of local crops and improve the nutrition, health and hygiene of children.
Lead Member: LWR $60,610
Peru - Chota
Malnutrition is reduced through agricultural production and training in hygiene and sanitation along with expanded health services.
Lead Member: LWR Fully Funded
Sierra Leone - Koinadugu
Group asset management, savings and lending, system of rice intensification (SRI), conservation agriculture and school gardens.
Lead Member: CRS Fully Funded
Sierra Leone - West
Training small farmers in pineapple cultivation and business skills while linking them to sustainable markets.
Lead Member: WHI Fully Funded
Timor Leste - Viqueque
Improved maize yields and storage.
Lead Member: CRS Fully Funded
Uganda - Kabale
Focus on conservation agriculture and other soil fertility restoration practices
Lead Member: World Renew $16,431
Uganda - Teso
Training in crop diversity and livestock.
Lead Member: World Renew $33,925
Vietnam - Tan Son
Training on the System of Rice Intensification (SRI), use of organic fertilizer, improved irrigation and animal husbandry skills.
Lead Member: MCC $5,725
West Africa
Training in gardening, rice production, chicken raising and nutrition.
Lead Member: World Renew $35,875
Zambia - Choma
Drought resistant crop diversity, animals, water and waste disposal combine with savings and credit to increase livelihoods.
Lead Member: MCC $2,847
Zambia - Northwest
Training and monitoring to boost production of staple crops
Lead Member: NCM $113,022