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Mozambique Cattle Cluster

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Mozambique Cattle Cluster

The Mozambique- Cattle Cluster program supports and monitors cattle multiplication and "passing on the gift" as one of the best ways for rural people to earn cash income for food, household needs, and schooling for children. The program trains and supports cattle "clusters" consisting of 5 families who build a common corral and work together herding the cows.  Each family is given 2 cows and the cluster shares the bull.  The cattle multiply for a period of 4 years and then ten cows and a bull from the offspring are given to 5 additional families in the area, forming a new cluster.  The training of a "village vet" per cluster increases animal husbandry knowledge in the villages.  Based of the successes of this program, the program is introducing an element that will promote the planing of gardens using the manure for fertilizer and a milk production and marketing training.  These new elements will work to provide more nutritous foods to the participants.

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