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Bolivia Paraguay Gran Chaco
Mingara Asoc para Desarrollo Sustentable

Bolivia Paraguay Gran Chaco

The Bolivia Paraguay - Gran Chaco program focuses on 14 indigenous and campesino communities in Bolivia and Paraguay in the South American Gran Chaco, the most important ecosystem in South America after the Amazon. This region is at once immensely rich in biodiversity and cultural traditions of harmony with the environment, and one of the most remote and marginalized areas in the hemisphere, undergoing significant environmental degradation. This program strengthens local organizations and builds capacity for sustaining simple but effective techniques to reduce hunger and provide natural sources of water and adequate diets throughout the year. Main project activities will include preparing and analyzing baseline nutritional surveys, technical assistance for food production, processing and marketing, workshops for farming techniques and innovative technology, water management plans, low-cost water-catchment systems, community meetings for planning, indigenous-to-indigenous exchanges among communities, and joint marketing activities.

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