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Mexico Chiapas

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Mexico Chiapas

This program is working alongside seven communities in Chiapas, Mexico where production of corn, beans and coffee largely define the agricultural landscape and economic activity of rural families. Policies and agreements that support free and international trade have significantly depreciated the value of agricultural products grown in Mexico, and thus had a role to play in the increased level of migration to North America. Those family members that stay in their communities typically cultivate less land (due to less available labor) and see a general reduction in their farm-based income, largely because of the rising costs of farm inputs such as fertilizers and chemical pesticides as well as low market prices for their products. In addition to this, the trend towards chemical-based mono-cultures has also negatively impacted the diet of rural families, reducing their food security to two basic elements: corn and beans. The absence of other nutritional foods in their diet (in particular vegetables and fruits) has led to a diminished level of nutrition/health in the general rural population. The Mexico-Chiapas program promotes a culture of peace and food security as rural families are supported in establishing organic fruit/vegetable gardens for increased consumption and health, reducing migration out of the area and community groups able to initiate their own projects and promote the work to other families and communities.    

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