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Peru Chota
Agri-livestock Development Cajamarca EDAC

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Peru Chota

Work focuses on two districts in Chota province: Paccha comprises 22 villages with a population of 5,165 (80% rural) and Chadín with 21 villages and a population of 4,090 (90% rural) where access to basic services is limited and unmet needs are reflected in high rate of childhood malnutrition (29%) and at-risk expectant mothers. This program focuses on improving nutrition for the under-five population by combining increased access to diversified agricultural food sources with interventions to reduce the common parasitic infections and diseases which inhibit proper nutritional uptake from the foods consumed. The program builds on the infra-structure, human capacities, and strong levels of community trust created as a result of the previous FRB- funded program in the two target communities since 2005. Participants from the past phase were actively involved in designing the current phase to best address the remaining nutritional deficits in their communities.

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