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Funding Still Needed: $30,000

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Nepal Bhatigachh
Brethren in Comm. Welfare Service (BICWS)

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Nepal Bhatigachh

This project responds to the widespread malnutrition and seasonal hunger among marginalized landless and land-poor residents in Bhatigachh. The program includes nutrition and sanitation education for the entire community.  It also works through farmers groups, enabling them to start vegetable farming and fish raising, thus improving their diets and earning their own income, rather than relying on labor migration and daily wage labor to survive. Sustainable agricultural livelihoods will be supported by providing access to leased land and fish ponds, and training in agricultural production and fish raising. This will enable marginalized communities to break out of the cycle of hunger and labor exploitation and improve their families' nutritional status and income by farming for themselves, rather than landlords.


Images from Nepal Bhatigachh