Good News! but our work is far from done

Good News! but our work is far from done


Thank you for your dedicated work to help end hunger around the world. 

A new report from the Food and Agriculture Association of the United Nations (FAO) recently tallied the number of hungry people at 805 million! This is an improvement from 842 million reported a few years ago!

Looking back over the the most recent decades the number of hungry people has continued to steadily decline. 

Globally, now 1 in 9 people are hungry and if we continue our faithful dedication and commitment to ending hunger, we will see that number continue to change for the positive. 

Our work is far from over and we need to be even more vigilant to help improve the livelihoods, health and futures of farmers and their families around the world. 

We also need to continue holistic approaches to development that consider nutrition, gender, education, land rights, market access etc... 

Thank you for your support! As advocates, fundraisers, travelers, promoters and friends of FRB you have directly supported thousands of people to grow lasting solutions to hunger! 

Continue the good work!

Be encouraged!

Invite others to get involved!

Know that a difference is being made to make the world a more peaceful, more just place. 

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