3rd LWR Gender Integration Program Launched in Uganda

3rd LWR Gender Integration Program Launched in Uganda

In the Busoga region of Uganda, FRB and its member organization Lutheran World Relief (LWR) are partnering with NAMUBUKA Grains Area Cooperative Enterprise (ACE) to help increase the income of 1,500 smallholder farmers. FRB's Uganda-Busoga program is one of three pilot programs in LWR’s cross-regional, gender-integrated food security and agriculture initiative, the Learning for Gender Integration (LGI) initiative.

The program is aimed at helping men and women farmers increase their income from the sale of maize, and improving overall food security in the poverty-stricken and largely neglected Busoga region.

The program was officially launched on August 24, 2013 at an event attended by two of LWR’s board members, Mr. Emried (Em) Cole and Ms. Kristin Yakimow, as well as many leadership staff from LWR. During the event, Mr. Cole and Ms. Yakimow both laid foundation stones for the renovation of a warehouse that will act as a store for the farmers’ produce.“We are filled with joy and pride as we lay these foundation stones, and are proud to be a part of this auspicious work,” Ms. Yakimow stated.

She also highlighted the importance of programs that work to reach both men and women farmers. “When women are allowed to have a share of their work, the benefits will be enormous. Children will be able to go to school, the family will have access to health care and families will be food secure.”

Uganda-Busoga encompasses 2 communities, 1500 households, and 5500 individuals.

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