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Angela's Travels

I am sitting in Filer, ID looking out across dormant fields of wheat to the snow white mountains beyond and wondering just how lucky I am to be here. I spent yesterday with Isaac Hooley, a young farmer who works alongside his family on Stoneybrook Farm. Isaac runs The Seasonal Basket, an organic CSA that provides fresh vegetables and fruit his customers throughout the summer. After a tour of the farm, I ducked inside the warm greenhouse to help transplant lettuce and felt blessed to be part of the process of bringing food to a strangers table this summer.

The Hooley family certainly lives out the gift of hospitality and knows how to draw strangers in to their warm kitchen and kind family. Pretty soon I found myself peeling apples for a crisp and washing lettuce from the greenhouse for a salad. Around the table for lunch were Isaac’s mom and dad, his brother and sister. The meal was delicious, of course, and the conversation was encouraging as we talked about farming in Idaho, the US and around the world. The Hooley family is passionate about farming, the children now the fourth generation to till the soil. As someone who loves a great loaf of bread, I am thankful for families who continue to grow the wheat to make it possible.

Several people came together at Filer Mennonite Church last night to talk about FRB, to think about how a growing project might work in their community and to share our collective stories in the hope that we may each be somehow transformed by the other.

As much as I always look forward to getting home at the end of a trip, it is with some regret that I leave Isaac, Emily, their family and Filer behind. Not to mention the view out of the farmhouse window.

Written by Angela Boss, Assoc. Director of Program Development

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