Beehives bring new opportunities to children in Armenia

Beehives bring new opportunities to children in Armenia

Bees and their honey are a cornerstone of the progress of FRB’s Armenia FHSLD program. Beekeeping has been added as part of a farming operation in the local children's center which is bringing benefits, not only in nutrition but in training for life skills and teamwork. 

Helping around 110 children and their families a year, the Family and Community Children’s center in one of FHSLD’s program communities is a needed safe haven for the socially vulnerable children in the city, whose very high unemployment and poverty rate prevent their families from meeting basic needs in areas such as nutrition, education, and health. 

On any given day, up to 45 children will come to the Center to work on and get help with homework, play sports, or participate in many different art groups. Six beehives have been added to the center’s farm from FRB funding, which gives the children opportunities to learn new skills on beekeeping and teamwork. In total, 40 children, 30 girls and 10 boys, have learned the basics of running the farm and working together to maintain it.

The honey that is harvested is used by the center to supplement the children’s meals, overcoming malnutrition and gives a new skill for the children to make money in the future. Also, the beekeeping operation protects the Center from food crises in the future. Some former students have come back to the Center and are working or volunteering on daily activities. Knarik, director of the Children’s Center, stated, “When they are put on the right track, in the right hands and surrounded with love, then the future of each individual is guaranteed.” 

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