In Cambodia, a family’s rice field flourishes despite drought

In Cambodia, a family’s rice field flourishes despite drought

Bunthoeun, 45, his wife and their four children had a successful rice harvest in spite of last year’s drought because of the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) he’d learned through FRB’s Cambodia-South program.

He also applied appropriate farming and poultry-raising techniques he’d mastered at the program’s hands-on Farmer Field School (FFS). The various new methods allowed him to provide diverse and nutritious food for his family, and he even had some surplus rice, produce and chickens to sell at the local market. With his newly acquired capital, he has been able to expand his rice field. 

Bunthoeun was not always so successful. For many years his rice harvests were poor, and he and his wife struggled to grow vegetables and raise chickens. After continual failures, they were eventually forced to ask two of their children to drop out of school and migrate to Phnom Penh to work in the garment factories. 

When the FFS began meeting in his village in 2012, Bunthoeun decided to join. “After becoming a member of the FFS, I learned a lot about agriculture techniques. I never missed a class, was always able to practice what I learned, and got good results,” he explained. 

With their farming activities expanding, Bunthoeun and his wife can now focus on the education of their two children still living at home. They put a lot of importance on savings so that these two will be able to complete high school, a dream that had vanished for their two older children. 

Bunthoeun’s positive experiences have reaffirmed his commitment to his farm as a real way to provide for his family and build a future for his children. He enthusiastically shares his know-how with others in his community. 

Cambodia-South encompasses 17 communities, 681 households and 4086 individuals.

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