Church World Service Receives Award in Serbia

Church World Service Receives Award in Serbia

On February 13, 2013, CWS was awarded a gold medal from the national Red Cross of Serbia for “significant results in achieving the goals and objectives of the Red Cross.” The ceremony was held in the Red Cross headquarters in Belgrade and attended by General Secretary of Red Cross Serbia, Mrs. Vesna Milenovic, Secretary of Red Cross Smederevo, Mr. Tomislav Zivanovic, CWS Europe Regional Coordinator, Dr Vitali Vorona and Red Cross and CWS staff. Dr Vorona accepted the award on behalf of CWS.

Mrs. Milenovic emphasized that she is very proud of CWS-Red Cross partnership and that our joint program in Smederevo is often mentioned to other Red Cross branches and foreign donors as a model project that could be replicated in many places throughout the country. She also mentioned that all important donors and foreign government visitors are often directed to Red Cross Smederevo to witness how strategic investments should be made and successful sustainable projects run. Dr Vorona was also awarded a personal silver medal for his work and partnership with the Red Cross. 

FRB has supported the Serbia-Smederevo Program since 2009. The program works to improve food security and nutrition for 2,000 beneficiaries of Red Cross’ Smederevo soup kitchen and to mobilize and empower the local community to actively build partnerships and networks to fight hunger. We are thankful for our partnership with CWS and the Serbian Red Cross! Congradulations to CWS in recieving this award!

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