Co-ops Strengthen Communities in Haiti

Co-ops Strengthen Communities in Haiti

A recent internal evaluation of FRB’s Haiti-Northwest program shows that its community cooperatives are helping their members make significant improvements in their lives and livelihoods.

In an area of the country with little government presence, farmer-run cooperatives in the Northwest and Artibonite departments of Haiti help their male and female members to build more resilient households,livelihoods and communities. The program especially focuses on women in their entrepreneurial efforts so that they have greater access to credit, training, and leadership formation opportunities.

The training and support given to the community cooperatives include:


  • Microcredit
  • Animal pass-on-the-gift practices for nutrition and income
  • Technical assistance
  • Agricultural training
  • Disaster preparedness


Among the evaluation’s findings:


  • When community cooperatives become stronger their members implement more successful income-generating initiatives.
  • 65% of female participants report that they have increased income from co-op loans that allowed them to repair their homes, start small businesses, pay school fees, access health care, and care for family members.
  • Animal husbandry and veterinary training has resulted in an 80% reduction in livestock mortality.
  • 95% of participants reported that animals are less likely to die during droughts or disasters thanks to training received.


As the program moves into another phase, it begins a new partnership with a local NGO which has a good team of motivated and experienced agronomists/agricultural technicians who are all from the area. Improved farming techniques make a big difference in the lives of farmers. A major focus will be on soil health and soil erosion prevention, and supporting reforestation efforts with tree nurseries and training.

Haiti Northwest encompasses 12 communities, 5074 households, and 25,000 individuals

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