In Congo, Even the Poor Can Earn Income

In Congo, Even the Poor Can Earn Income

Mama Ilunga shares how even the poor can earn income and have a healthy life thanks to the Democratic Republic of Congo-Katanga Kamina program.

FRB’s food security program in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) works within the communities of Kamina to reduce high levels of malnourishment, poverty and disease, especially among women and children. This holistic program focuses on training in agriculture best practices for the local environment; sanitation, hygiene and sources of clean water to reduce waterborne illness; and income generation from agriculture. Fast-growing Moringa trees, whose leaves, flowers, seeds and roots are all edible, are a new source of nutrition for the community. Farmer groups prepare fields and plant peanuts, soybeans, field beans and corn together, and sell their excess produce for income. One of the participants, Maman Ilunga, shares her experience and insights:

“At first, I couldn’t believe that poor people could have hope for good life at a low cost. I mean, to eat food that can improve our health and also to be successful by myself in generating income. I was thinking that such a good life and making more money were only for rich people. Being poor, I had lost hope for a better life.

I came to realize through the FRB/UMCOR program that I can have safe, good and very nutritious food, and also earn some income from it. Moringa is also an inexpensive way to treat malnourishment, as I have seen in my community. I now believe that, because of FRB and UMCOR training, I can succeed in growing good food for good health and income. Life has become easier. I am encouraged and have hope again, together with members of my community farmers’ group. ”

The DRC-Katanga-Kamina Program encompasses 3 communities, 90 households and 630 individuals

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