Deere Customer Steps Up to Feed a Growing World

Deere Customer Steps Up to Feed a Growing World

“I’m honored to work with FRB and I’m so proud that the John Deere Foundation has partnered with them, as well. It’s a great combination of skills to make lasting changes in the world.” - Arlyn Schipper, Conrad, Iowa

Arlyn Schipper is not only a valued customer of John Deere, but he’s also doing his part to help provide solutions for world hunger. And he’s doing so through a relationship with an organization called the Foods Resource Bank.

Foods Resource Bank (FRB) works to link the US agriculture community with farmers in developing countries to grow lasting solutions to world hunger. As a board member of the FRB, Schipper plays a part in helping get the word out about the importance of sustainable agriculture in developing countries around the world. He is also fortunate to be able to use his experience to serve effectively. As a life-long farmer, he has first- hand knowledge of the tools and resources necessary to make agriculture sustainable in developing countries.

“It’s not about a handout,” said Schipper. “It’s about educating folks and giving them the tools to build sustainable agriculture in their own communities.”
Here in the USA, FRB works with various organizations including the John Deere Foundation, raising money to support educational programs in over 30 countries around the world. Even closer to home, the Davenport Training Center has started a “Growing Project,” where sweet corn is grown and sold at market with the proceeds being donated to FRB.

Last week, members of the FRB, including Schipper, visited Harvester Works to meet with and talk to employees about what they do. Employees learned of Schipper’s role in the FRB, heard from the John Deere Foundation on the role they play, and from Dr. Francisco Moraga, a physician from Nicaragua who also plays an integral part in FRB programs run in his country.
“FRB is really about transforming lives; not just lives in other countries, but here at home too,” said Schipper. “You see people change after they’ve done good things for others – they change for the better.” 


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