Foods Resource Bank Harvests Corn to Feed the Hungry

Foods Resource Bank Harvests Corn to Feed the Hungry

POLO (WIFR) -- The weather made for a good harvest this year allowing one group to raise a lot more money to help feed people around the world. 30 acres of corn on Polo, IL were harvested over the weekend to be sold to raise money for the Foods Resource Bank. The organization uses the money raise, which could total more than 25-thousand dollars from this crop alone, to teach farmers in developing countries how to better grow crop so they can feed their hungry. Local churches and donors raise the money to grow the crop here locally.

"As much as we're working hard in the US to try to better our own lives," says Foods Resource Bank President Marv Baldwin, "we do have some extra to share. That's a pretty neat opportunity to be able to share with somebody who maybe doesn't have enough to eat and be able to help them grow their own food."

By: Jorge Rodas,

Oct 21, 2013

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