The Fruits of One Man’s Labor

Foods Resource Bank’s Palestine Westbank 2 program #1101 Led by Mennonite Central Committee

For Mohammad, a farmer in the West Bank, the only access to his land is by a steep overland climb through nearby valleys. He knew that any land that lies uncultivated for a certain period of time can be declared state land so, as soon as he was able to cross the rocky hillside, he began cultivating it intensively.

He created level terraces with retaining walls, and with the help of program staff built an 80-cubic-meter cistern to irrigate peach, apple, and other fruit tree seedlings. Because it would be months before winter rains could fill the cistern, he purchased water by tanker truck at this own expense to begin watering the young trees.

At the right season, Mohammad will also plant vegetables in adjoining terraces, and install a drip irrigation system to make the most efficient use of the water held in the cistern. Mohammad makes his living from agriculture, including olive trees on other family lands. The future of his wife, daughter and three sons depends on the literal fruits of his labor.


This program has been supported by FRB's Community Growing Projects. For more information or to support this program or others like it, please visit the Overseas Program page on our website

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