Tis the Season for Season-less Giving

 Tis the Season for Season-less Giving

Black Friday is over.

So is Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday and now, today ... we celebrate Giving Tuesday!

What is Giving Tuesday, you might ask. Well, it’s the day officially designated on which to give back. After the nationwide focus on celebrating, eating, and shopping over the long weekend we should now reflect back on those who are less fortunate than we are and dig down in our pockets to give whatever we have not spent on gifts and holiday festivities.

I hope you will consider giving a gift on Giving Tuesday, but I hope that you also realize that one day a year is not enough to care for the poor, the sufferers of injustice and the brokenhearted. We should celebrate our ability to give on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, at any time of year in any season. Gifts of love, compassion, gifts of time and service, gifts of skill or in kind and gifts of money are never seasonal.

It is with great gratitude that we at Foods Resource Bank thank you for all the gifts and support we have received this season and over the past 14 years. We thank you for any gift you feel called to give on Giving Tuesday as well as on any day of the week in any month.

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