Global Food Security Act (GFSA) Passes in Congress

Global Food Security Act (GFSA) Passes in Congress

On July 6, the US House of Representatives passed the Global Food Security Act, and the bill now only has to receive the approval of the President. The GFSA is an important step in advancing the efforts to combat global hunger that FRB supports.

The GFSA is a part of the US’s effort to reduce global hunger and to improve the way the US handles foreign assistance. It will support and put into law the Feed the Future Initiative, a global hunger and food security plan. Feed the Future has thus far been a successful system of decreasing poverty and hunger globally.  

Ultimately, the GFSA will require the government to develop a more comprehensive strategy for addressing global food insecurity. The strategy will focus on increasing sustainable agricultural development—a mission that aligns with that of FRB—, combating global food insecurity, and improving health through agricultural development programs such as Feed the Future. The GFSA will be important in advancing the goals of FRB and all others working to combat food insecurity.

Read more about the GFSA on Bread for the World’s website. 

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