g.r.o.w in Ohio

g.r.o.w in Ohio

An update from one of FRB's newest growing projects in Ohio!

Here at g.r.o.w. (Gardens Reaching Others Worldwide) we are planning to show love through a harvest. Spring is finally here and we are excited to get on with our start-up year.

We currently have three group locations and possibly input from several home gardens. The group locations can be found at a school campus, a church, and a farmstead. The plans for the school include a bible study group, “proteens”, taking care of a tomato and pepper garden. We plan on growing a much larger variety of plants at the church location with the help of a young adult class. And at the farmstead, a sweet corn patch of around ¾ of an acre which may be picked with the help of multiple church youth groups.

We have been extremely blessed thus far with the support and input of many people both young and old. We young people can certainly benefit from the wisdom and experience of those that have been around a little longer. And youth can certainly bring benefit through energy and excitement.  

I hope to see much more interaction between generations and I believe this is a project that could allow for such. The early church, in the book of Acts, was one that supported each other and worked together. I am glad to see something similar happening here in Bucyrus, Ohio with g.r.o.w., and I hope to see much more to come!

Tad Fannin with g.r.o.w.

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