Heath and Nutrition in Democratic Republic of Congo

In this video, Margot Bokanga, DRC Program Manager for UMCOR, explains how the Foods Resource Bank Democratic Republic of Congo- Katanga Kamina program is addressing health and nutritional needs and spells out how a potential issue could be turned into a great strength for these communities.

Foods Resource Bank from Global Ministries on Vimeo.

FRB's Democratic Republic of Congo- Katanga Kamina program focuses on agriculture, nutrition, water and sanitation as complementary approaches in targeting the prevalence of disease and high levels of poverty in the rural community of Kamina.

The aim of this program is to build local capacity and increase nutritious food production and income for ninety participants of 3 communities through health trainings and behavioral change messaging. This education will help reduce in preventable disease such as cholera, diarrhea and typhoid fever.

The program also includes training on soil conservation using green manure cover crops, production of staple crops as well as vegetables, moringa and beans, latrine building and well construction.

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