Honduran Youth Advocate for the Environment

Honduran Youth Advocate for the Environment

Young people are active in FRB’s Nueva Frontera program in Honduras, knowing that protecting their environment protects their future. Their mountainous, forested country has suffered from years of mismanagement of natural resources and is considered to be the most vulnerable in the world to disasters such as floods, landslides, droughts, and forest fires, putting human life and economic resources at risk.

Nueva Frontera involves the entire community and municipality in natural resource protection and conservation, in addition to promoting sustainable agricultural practices, crop diversification, nutrition, sanitation, waste management and advocacy.

Children take school field trips to the micro-basins that supply water to their communities, and work on clean-up, pollution prevention, and reforestation campaigns.

As part of the program’s awareness/advocacy strategy, schoolchildren painted a mural at one school depicting the community’s natural wealth and beauty.

Because the mural serves as a reminder to all about their responsibilities to the environment, and beautifies the community, it has been designated a Municipal Heritage site.


This program has been supported by FRB's Community Growing Projects. For more information or to support this program or others like it, please visit the Overseas Program page on our website www.foodsresourcebank.org.

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