In India, Shanti looks forward to improved yields and income

In India, Shanti looks forward to improved yields and income

Shanti is a 36-year-old participant in FRB’s India-Patharkhmah program who lives and farms with her husband and son in a small village. They are a poor family, but as a result of their hard work they were able to buy an acre of land on which they cultivated rice.

In 2010 Shanti joined a farmers’ club in her village. She participated in as many club events as she could, including various trainings and exposure visits on kitchen gardens, Sloping Agriculture Land Technology (SALT) to grow vegetables on their hilly land, livestock rearing, water harvesting, and the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) which has raised yields in her community by as much as 40%.

Shanti was still doubtful about adopting the new methods on her own land even after she was trained, but once she saw other farmers’ productive fields she resolved to put her learning into practice. She dug a pond to harvest rainwater for irrigation, which enabled her to grow vegetables and other seasonal crops on the farm. Initially she planned to cultivate only rice and fruit trees, but is now glad to be able to grow vegetables for her family to eat.

Encouraged by her successes with SALT, water harvesting and her kitchen garden, she has also started paddy cultivation with the SRI methods. Now Shanti and her husband are both busy taking care of their farm and paddy and are expecting good yields this year. Their wish is that what they grow will meet their household needs, with enough extra to sell for income to educate their son.

FRB's India Patharkhmah program encompasses 18 communities, 949 households and 4745 individuals.

Excerpted from a report by Johny Sangkli

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