Meet Moussa: West African farmer, trainer, wedding photographer, & reforestation advocate

Meet Moussa: West African farmer, trainer, wedding photographer, & reforestation advocate

Moussa, a participant in FRB’s West Africa 1 program, is a busy man. He is a farmer who, before he became involved with the program, didn’t own any animals. Now his family’s compound is full of goats, sheep, chickens and pigeons. As an “indigenous animator” who encourages people to take charge of their own lives and livelihoods, he is a leader in his own community development group. He also regularly visits several other groups to help them keep on track for what they’ve planned to accomplish each year.

Moussa is an advisor to the mayor’s office, a savvy businessman, investor and entrepreneur who, thanks to a microcredit loan from the program, bought a camera and video camera and is now a village wedding photographer!

“Whenever there are any ceremonies in the nearby towns, people call me and I film and photograph their events, and then give them a CD of pictures afterwards. I make about $60 to $100 each time,” Moussa explains. With his profits, he purchased a $200 piece of land in the nearby town. After several years he sold the land for $2000, and with that he purchased a motorcycle and another piece of land in town.

Moussa also passionately educates all he meets about the consequences of deforestation. His gregarious nature and influential presence give him many opportunities to advocate for conservation of trees. Deforestation is a growing problem in the region, contributing to changing rainfall patterns, loss of shade in the harsh climate, reduced composting material and soil infertility, and creating a negative impact on agriculture. Because he travels widely in the region, and thanks to his advisory role at the mayor’s office, Moussa is a knowledgeable and influential guide on his country’s journey toward reforestation and conservation.

FRB's West Africa 1 Program encompasses 55 communities, 2000 households and 14000 individuals

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