Mexican Pozol Recipe: are you game?

Mexican Pozol Recipe: are you game?

Our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers were often faced with imprecise recipes that presumed they knew a lot about what they were doing before they even started, such as what the dish was supposed to look like and taste like. FRB received a charming recipe of this type from one of our partners in Mexico for a corn-based refreshment called "pozol." Are you willing to try it? Hint: it’s not made with sweet corn!

Boil corn with a handful of lime (as traditionally boiled to make tortillas). I suggest you boil until the corn bursts open as a sign that it is completely cooked to taste better.

Once cooked, wash very well to remove the lime. When corn still has lime on it it’s somewhat yellow; when washed it’s white. (This is white corn I’m referring to.)

After washing, grind in a hand mill, grinding stone or electric mill -- it does not change the flavor if you grind with one of these mills.

You form the dough, and then add water to make this refreshing drink.

In Chiapas, Mexico it is traditional, and we can drink it without sugar, but is optional for you.  Here we drink it without sugar and with a little green mango, salt, lemon and chili! It tastes delicious!

This is white pozo, but there is also cocoa or peanut pozol. And for this pozol you only add to the dough we already have some toasted or boiled peanut; put it into the blender, add sugar, ice, and it’s ready!

And in the case of cocoa pozol it’s the same -- we just add cocoa and ice and it’s ready to drink!

Blog post by Bev Abma, with input from a staffer from an FRB local partner in Mexico 

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