Mr. Toh and Neighbors Measure Their Progress – Laos

Foods Resource Bank’s Laos Xieng Khouang program #8010
Led by Christian Reformed World Relief Committee with local partner CRWRC-Lao PDR


Last year Mr. Toh harvested three tons of rice from his small upland paddy fields, much more than he needed for his household. With profits from the sale of his excess, he was able to purchase a rice paddy not too far from the village where he lives with his wife and three small children. Mr. Toh will no longer have to plant upland fields which are very labor intensive to prepare, weed, plant and harvest. He looks forward to a higher rice harvest without the backbreaking labor of working on steep slopes. Ten other farm families in his village also purchased lowland rice paddy fields with their profits.

At the halfway point of the five-year development program in thirty remote communities in Xieng Khouang province, villagers gathered to evaluate their activities against goals they had set for themselves.

Among their highlights:

  • Village revolving funds have made it possible to purchase essential inputs like seed for their farming activities
  • Family income has nearly doubled since the start of the program
  • Many families have used their increased incomes to improve their housing conditions
  • Clean water systems have reduced the rate of diarrhea among children
  • Relationships between husband and wives have improved through gender awareness training



This program has been supported by FRB's Community Growing Projects. For more information or to support this program or others like it, please visit the Overseas Program page on our website



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