Praying for peace: violence in Kenya continues

Praying for peace: violence in Kenya continues

On Saturday night, many civilians were left dead in gruesome attacks on Kenya's coast. The violence comes during a time of political unrest and rising insecurity for the nation. 

This article, from the New York Time's, highlights the inseparable tension between politics and ethnicity in Kenya. The killings along the coast are presumably political, though much is still unknown. Many are encouraged to stay away from city centers, as officials fear potential riots. 

FRB's Kenya programs have not been directly affected by the attacks, however, fear and unease certainly grip the whole nation. FRB currently supports three programs in Kenya through Mennonite Central Committee, World Renew, and United Church of Christ. Please join us in praying for peace and comfort for the nation, and also for the staff and volunteers of these organizations who are currently serving in Kenya. 

Note: When looking at the map provided, the two red dots indicate the villages affected by the attacks: Gamba on the left, and Hindi toward the right. The black dot is Nairobi.  

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