Rice Yields in Cambodia Are Long-Term Results From Early Support

Rice Yields in Cambodia Are Long-Term Results From Early Support

Foods Resource Bank’s Cambodia South program

Led by Christian Reformed World Relief Committee
and local partner Churches for Community Transformation Used with permission.
Photos courtesy of Cambodia South program.

We recently received this story from Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC) and Churches for Community Transformation, with this note: “Often an outside funding push starts something moving, and that something gradually gathers momentum. The success of the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in small Cambodian villages arose from the first FRB grant to CRWRC in Cambodia. The support permitted us to start trials and training with SRI .”

Back in 2009, only a few of the 36 families in one small community had large enough plots of land to provide enough rice for their daily consumption needs. That was the year that FRB began supporting the Cambodia South program in promoting the System of Rice Intensification (SRI). SRI includes improving soil with compost, increasing aeration of the soil with less flooding and more cultivation, and planting single seedlings to decrease competition among plants. It’s been documented to increase rice yields around the world.

At first, only 17 of the 36 families were willing to try SRI. All of these brave families were able to grow sufficient rice to feed their families throughout the year, and 8 of them even had surplus to sell. It seemed like a miracle!

In 2010, after seeing the success of their neighbors, 8 more families decided to try SRI. Once again the harvests were excellent. All of the SRI families had sufficient food throughout the year, and 17 earned extra income from the sale of their excess rice. More of their children could attend school because they no longer had to help their parents work to make enough income to feed the family. The little community is very grateful for the help they received in increasing their food security through SRI.

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