In Uganda, program farmers are well on their way to food security

In Uganda, program farmers are well on their way to food security

One farmer’s story

Emmanuel, 47, is now closer to food security for his family thanks to context appropriate ag training and a loan of plant materials from the FRB-supported Uganda-Teso food security program. With the farming technologies he’s learned, he’s produced enough cassava and groundnuts to sell.

His hard work, and skillful management of his income with the help of his Village Savings & Loan (VSL) group, has allowed him to enlarge his cassava crop to 4 acres. He’s also purchased a cassava grinding mill, established a small shop that sells medicines, and diversified his farm to include an orange garden. He’s begun building a house, and pays secondary school and university fees for his children and a nephew who is now a nurse at one of the mission hospitals in the district. Emmanuel says those inital cuttngs, seeds and trainings "enabled me to reach where I am. I am sure I will be able to support my children until they complete their studies.”

Raised Storage on one farmer's homestead

Farmers’ groups grow stronger

Farmers’ groups initially receive loans of groundnuts and cassava cuttings to plant, along with training on appropriate farming techniques and VSL procedures.

With encouragement from program staff and group members, many have had success in their farming efforts, and have been able to repay their inital input loans by redistributing to new farmer groups. These groups are registering with their local governments so that they can access grants and loans. They continue to avail themselves of training, such as a recent workshop on post-harvest handling and storage to address post-harvest that loss occurs through rotting, molding, and pest damage. Over 160 farmers have built raised food-storage facilities that keep rats and moisture out, and have brought about dramatic improvements on their food security.


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