Working and Learning with FRB

Working and Learning with FRB

This past February I traveled to Nebaj, Guatemala on a Work-Learning trip with Foods Resource Bank (FRB). Our project in Guatemala was to work hand-in-hand with members of a small village to construct a greenhouse. The hope was to provide greater food and nutritional security to these mountain villagers throughout the year. FRB’s main goal on their Work-Learning trips, however, is to give motivation, support, and solidarity to the people in poverty who receive FRB funds. So, while we were there to build a greenhouse, more importantly we were there to build relationships. And that was the part of the trip that I will remember the most.

I have a great deal of respect for FRB because of how they view poverty and work to alleviate it. The people in Guatemala told us how empowered they felt by working with FRB and their partner organizations. They said that the greenhouse project began in 2009 with a Needs Assessment that was conducted by FRB and their partners. The villagers expressed to us that they never imagined that people would actually help after assessing the needs. In their experience, the government and other agencies promise a lot, but don’t come back, like FRB and their partner organizations do. “We’re seeing promises that are kept here,” one community member said.

I’ve lived and worked overseas a fair amount, and for me this trip was extra special because it was with FRB, an organization I respect so very deeply. They treat people - every person - with respect and love. They really think about long-term solutions to poverty and injustice. I hope to travel on another FRB trip and stay involved with them here at home, too. I am so grateful to – and proud of - my church in Kalamazoo, Michigan (First United Methodist) for supporting FRB together with our partner church in Otsego, Michigan. I am especially grateful to all farmers who are involved in growing projects, for their generosity and care of the land.

By Julie Doll, FRB Volunteer from Michigan 

Work learning trips are being planned for Spring 2013. Please check the travel page for more details 

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