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Transformation at a Coldplay Concert

FRB Staff member, Kelsey Day wrote the following blog post for Oxfam, which can be found by clicking the link at the end of this blog post.

On Wednesday 8th August in Chicago, I went through a transformation and became a giant corn cob. Not only did I go out in public, but I went, to a COLDPLAY CONCERT, as a giant corn cob.

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The Power of Story

While traveling with FRB volunteers in Malawi and Zambia I met volunteers from the Conrad, IA growing project. Arlyn and Marla Schipper told me about their involvement with a growing project and about their sweet corn sales. A year later while starting work with FRB in California, I had the opportunity to meet with a farmer from the Davis Community Church (Presbyterian) and I, in turn, told him the Conrad, IA story.

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Another Day is Here

I grew up in a temperate rain forest. While it didn’t rain all the time, we certainly got more than our share. As a kid who loved to explore outside (I still do) I was never happy when the rain interfered with my latest plan for adventure. In the hopes that it might work, we used to sing the song, “Rain, rain, go away, come again another day!”

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Join Angela and FRB at the Wild Goose Festival

A river runs through our town here in Bend, OR and there are always wild Canadian geese floating along it. At least, growing up, we always referred to them as Canadian geese.  I have since seen them all over the United States so I suppose they really are North American geese. What I always loved about Canadian geese is their easy ability to cross borders, to see the world from a much wider perspective, to land where the food looks plentiful and the waters are inviting.

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In Memory of Don "Pete" Nofziger

Farmer Don "Pete" Nofziger supported FRB with an individual growing project for more than ten years and at every FRB event he attended would ask the deeper questions with his humorous but serious grin.  Article 2 of his will includes a message to his FRB friends:
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An FRB Volunteer's Story


One warm spring day after church, my wife, Gladys, and I stopped at the table on the lawn manned by Marv Baldwin. He was explaining the Growing Project that was a joint endeavor between our First Congregational Church of Western Springs, IL and Park Congregational Church of Mazon, IL. Mazon is a farmland town about fifty miles from our church in suburban Chicago. He told us that FRB was tackling world hunger by helping third world villages establish sustainable improved agriculture that will allow them to feed themselves, earn a modest income and be able to pass along their new-found expertise to neighboring villages.

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Sweet Corn in Yolo County, California


I had the pleasure of visiting with Tom, Saskia and Fritz of the Yolo County growing project in Woodland, CA last week. Hosted by the David Presbyterian Church, Farmer Fritz and a highly motivated group of volunteers have been growing a quarter-acre of organic sweet corn on land donated by Fritz. Fritz prepared the soil and the group hand planted half the land while the other half was machine seeded. The groups has helped weed and will start harvesting this weekend. Churches throughout the county have been putting in their sweet-corn orders and I hope to get in on the action when I visit again next week, along with our guest from the India-Banka program, Dhrubaa.

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Nyama Choma Recipe

Nyama choma, or fire-roasted beef, is very popular and goes well with ugali and a good Kenyan beer.


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Sukuma Wiki Recipe

Sukumu wiki, a dish of greens and tomatoes, is probably the most common accompaniment to ugali.


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Ugali Recipe

Ugali, a starchy gruel, is the foundation of the Kenyan diet. This thick cornmeal porridge is usually served with stews, such as sukuma wiki.  


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