How can we finance a project?

There is more than one way to finance a community growing project.Some groups choose to solicit cash donations and pay for everything up front. Others encourage donations of the use of land, products or services. Either one of these options, or a combination or both, is appropriate and effective.

Rural communities have the land, equipment, and farm management, but in today's farm economy, may be short on cash. City churches or civic groups can financially back a project but have no land. "Twinning" these groups together allows both to share their talents and resources.

Don't be shy about asking others for support. You'd be surprised how much local people and businesses want to help when you tell them about what you are doing. In the past, groups have received donations of:

• seed

• fertilizer & chemicals

• food/refreshments for harvest celebrations

• free labor

• trucking & fuel

• machinery

• lumber for field signs

FRB also has a grant from the John Deere Foundation for new and expanding growing projects. These funds can be used for a variety of costs involved in starting or expanding the activities of a growing project. Go to the John Deere Grant Application (pdf)