Children Give Up Treat to Help Others In Need


This charming entry was written by Joni VandenBosch. Joni is the daughter-in-law of Jan and Lee VandenBosch, FRB office volunteers from Byron Center, MI.

Our family of six children, including Abigail (12), Micah (10), and Lucas (8), were working on a school project on Tanzania last spring .  They requested help from an FRB staff person for some of the needed props for their presentation.  

Thanks to the rich learning experience regarding the Maasai culture and a family devotion time on servanthood, the children decided they wanted to give up something in order to serve others who are in need.  After some group brainstorming, Micah suggested they give up fruit snacks, a family favorite treat!  Over the summer, they saved more than $50 that they sent to FRB to support the work among the Maasai in Kenya.  

The children learned many things:  that sacrifice can be difficult, that a small portion of our over-abundant resources can make a difference in others' lives, and that God blesses us when we bless others.  The children were filled with God's peace and joy when they learned how much they had saved, and can't wait to do something like this again.  

FRB made their world bigger, and more intimate at the same time: the children may even be cheering for a staff person from the FRB Kenya Maasai program who is hoping to compete in the next Olympic games in London !  
Joni VandenBosch

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