What Motivates FRB Board Chair, Bill Adams.

What Motivates FRB Board Chair, Bill Adams.

Because it’s been obvious to me that long term sustainable development is necessary to address the real issues of hunger and poverty in our world, it is a great privilege for me to serve on the board of directors of the Foods Resource Bank (FRB).  After retiring from business, I responded to the 2003 call from the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC) to run their Disaster Response Services program. (CRWRC) is a founding member agency of FRB).  There is a great need in the world today for organized and compassionate assistance when disasters strike and I am proud to be part of an organization that delivers help in the form of volunteer labor, food and other relief services to disaster stricken communities all around the world.  But CRWRC is also committed to the long term development of communities, going way beyond the immediate recovery from the effects of a natural disaster.  Therein lies the basis for CRWRC’s partnership with FRB.

The mission of FRB is to deliver agricultural development programs with the aim of enabling communities in the developing world to achieve self sufficiency in their food supply (food security).  I have been CRWRC’s representative on FRB’s board of directors since 2004, and was elected chair in the summer of 2011. Over the years I have seen communities move from dependence on foreign food aid to self sufficiency and on to being in the position to mentor neighboring communities as they embark on the same journey.  The knowledge and experience that come from FRB and CRWRC programs are like stones thrown into a pond whose ripples are endless.  

Before taking on the role of board chair at FRB, I previously held the treasurer position for the organization.  In both of these roles I have had the opportunity to work with management on the endless quest toward fiscal as well as programmatic accountability and transparency.  Recognizing that FRB was founded only 12 years ago, I am particularly proud of where we are today from a governance perspective.

FRB and its member organizations are blessed to be able to count on church and civic organizations, farmers, landowners, urban and suburban people, agribusinesses, foundations and others who deeply care about hungry people in the world’s most challenging circumstances.  Our fifteen member organizations work alongside community residents and indigenous partner organizations in order to support the goals and ambitions of the community as opposed to doing it for them or telling them what to do.  As the community takes the lead in development, the seeds of sustainable results germinate and firmly take root.

One of FRB’s biggest challenges is finding funding sources that understand the importance and effectiveness of the development model, and who are patient enough to invest in the long term. We are looking for visionaries who can, like a farmer, plant a seed, have enough faith in the transformation taking place underground to wait for it to sprout in its own time, and watch the plant develop and grow as it must. A bountiful harvest is the result of appropriate nurturing, the kind of nurturing that FRB and its members offer to communities around the world.

Bill Adams, Chair
Board of Directors
Foods Resource Bank

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