You are invited to Join FRB in Angola

You are invited to Join FRB in Angola

Angola…now that is a country you don’t hear too much about. Part of what I love about FRB is our member’s willingness to work in difficult contexts, in places many of us have to look up on a map to truly know where it is. Honestly, I have yet to meet anyone that has Angola on their top ten list of places to visit before they die. That could be because most of the people I know don’t speak Portuguese, the national language of Angola, or perhaps because it was recently in the throes of a long civil war.

Angola is, however, on my top ten list for this year. I am going June 12-17 to visit the FRB Benguela program led by Catholic Relief Services and would like nothing more than to have some FRB volunteers come with me. There is nothing better than experiencing a new place, a new culture and new food than with two new friends! There is still room on this trip for two travelers. We will be flying through Kenya so there are opportunities to extend your stay on the continent and take in East Africa and all its richness as well. June 4-11 I will be in the Democratic Republic of the Congo visiting a PCUSA program called Micro-Devru. Perhaps you would like to visit both?

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to visit a country that will have your friends running to their atlases. There are some exciting things happening in Benguela, Angola and this is our chance to celebrate with the communities that have been through so much and are now on their way to recovery!

The deadline to sign up is March 1. For more information visit the travel page. Hope to see you on the plane!

Angela Boss, Associate Director of Program Development

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