Recipe of the Month: Stone Soup

Recipe of the Month: Stone Soup

From time to time, FRB comes across some amazing recipes from around the U.S. and World.   So, we decided to share them with our supporters.  Starting today, FRB will kick off the first weekend of each month with a yummy recipe we have learned in our travels.  

Our first recipe is for Bolivian Stone Soup.  We expected this to be the type of "stone soup" in the fairy tale for which a person starts boiling stones in the public square, and people, feeling sorry for him/her, bring whatever they have to add to it: a community effort.  These stones are to keep the soup hot and finish cooking.  Interesting!

You will note that the directions are not as precise as we're used to seeing in U.S. cookbooks - doesn't tell you how long to cook the meat before you add carrots, onion, cumin, pepper; how long to cook those before adding the potatoes; what size the pieces of potato should be, etc.  If you make this, email us and let us know how it turns out, and maybe add more specific directions and photos!
Bolivian Stone Soup
Judith Ocampo

1-1/2 lb. beef, cut into pieces
1  lb. corn flour
2 carrots, grated or sliced
1 onion, grated or sliced
5 cloves garlic, crushed
Pinch of ground caraway seed
Pinch of pepper
2 tbsp.  “ají rojo”  or “chile rojo” -- a red coloring powder available Mexican markets
1 lb. potatoes, peeled and cut into pieces
Salt to taste
Place a half gallon of water in a soup pot, boil the meat with a bit of salt.  As the meat cooks, add carrots, garlic, caraway seed and pepper. Let them cook for several minutes before adding the pieces of potato.
Dilute corn flour and “ají rojo” in a little cold water, stirring until it forms a liquid paste.  When the potatoes are close to being done, slowly pour the liquid flour/ají paste into the soup while stirring, until the soup becomes thick and comes to a boil. Cook for another 5 minutes.
If you have access to volcanic rocks, heat them on the stove.  When serving the soup, place the hot rocks in the bowls so the soup will finish cooking.


Note: If you decide to try any of our recipes of month, we would love to see pictures!

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