From Hardship to Hope and Joy in Armenia

From Hardship to Hope and Joy in Armenia

Foods Resource Bank’s Armenia FHSLD program

Led by United Methodist Committee on Relief and local partner UMCOR NGO Unit in Armenia

Representatives from the institutions and villages involved in the Armenia FHSLD program gathered at a state home for the elderly to sum up the year’s accomplishments. They expressed gratitude for the improved nutrition and livelihoods for families and those living in state  institutions. Program farms provide meat, dairy, vegetables, and honey to participants. David, a village leader, said, “Our farm will be a strong base for securing food for our children and inspiring hope for tomorrow.”

“Sometimes the accumulation of daily challenges impairs creative and positive thinking,” stated Tigran, director of a home for the elderly. “It was my long-standing dream to establish a farm at the institution. Lack of funds was the main obstacle. We’ve overcome that and become a partner in the program rather than just consumers. The major success of the FRB-funded farm is its sustainability. I envision having more beehives and expanding the apiary all over the hill. Our elderly residents will have more honey all year around. And it’s inspiring for all of us to watch the bee family and its hard work as a social community itself.

“Without the program we would never have been able to include honey in the children’s meals, too. Children have it every day now,” added Naira, director of the Health Evaluation Center.

Despite the cold and snow there was hope in people’s eyes that revealed their new vision for their futures. They gratefully acknowledged the financial support from American farmers. The seeds of love and kindness that growing projects send to these vulnerable populations in remote Armenia help them overcome the challenges and food deficits of long winter days and the coming years.

This program has been supported by FRB's Community Growing Projects. For more information or to support this program or others like it, please visit the Overseas Program page on our website

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