And the Rains Came Down in Dodoma, Tanzania

A community in Dodoma in east-central Tanzania started construction of a new sand dam and well in June of 2011 and completed the work in November of the same year, just a few weeks before the expected rainy season was to start. The short rains usually come in late November or early December, but this year, after a six-month drought, the area got a lot of rain on November 7th.

However, none came to the dam site … until sometime in the middle of December.

The rain that fell and filled the dam was so heavy and fast that it broke off the top of the well pump. People feared that the pump had been swept away and that $2,000 had literally “gone down the drain.” The situation was a test of the competency of the local masons because this well and sand dam were the very first that they had constructed on their own without any outside assistance.

When the community inspected the site, they found that a piece of the well pump and its cover had been broken off and had sunk into the sand river, which was now filled with water. The walls and the base of the well were still intact. So the local masons had done a very creditable job, and merely had to recover the pieces, reinstall them, and reinforce them very well.

Since then, there have been three or four days with very heavy rains in the area, but the well and sand dam remain firm.

The community says, “Again, we want to say thanks to all our supporters who joined us in praying for the rain. The dams are now already filled with sand and water, and soon the groups will start to enjoy the benefits of having water nearby. As we approach a new season, please continue to pray for us as we move into our next phase of planting trees, creating demonstration plots, tree nurseries, and forming new self-help groups.”


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