Mozambican Farmers Motivated by FRB Visitor from Kenya

Mozambican Farmers Motivated by FRB Visitor from Kenya

It is well known that farmers absorb a lot of knowledge from each other during crosslearning events such as exchange visits, farmer field days, presentations and demonstrations.  It was not surprising, therefore, that when five FRB visitors from Kenya and the United States came to Mozambique to the Tete-Mutarara program in August 2012, ideas were flowing!

One of the visitors, Betty, is a farmer from Kenya who practices conservation farming.  She became a major source of encouragement and motivation for the Mozambican farmers as she shared her experiences, asked questions, and taught them songs and dances. The memories of this visit will linger on for a long time in the minds and hearts of Betty and these Mozambican farmers who are learning sustainable agriculture techniques through their participation the program.

As FRB continues to involve farmers in periodic organized visits, the inspiration to both the visited and the visitors has enormous effects on programs like this one.  One traveler noted, “I visited community group after community group, and they all had the same message: ‘We are no longer hungry, and we have some extra now.’” The knowledge shared between the Kenyans, Mozambicans, and Americans during the visit will help to ensure that this important impact continues to multiply.

Foods Resource Bank’s Mozambique Tete-Mutarara program, led by CRWRC/World Renew and local partner Igreja Reformada em Mozambique, encompasses 12 communities, 825 households and 4250 individuals.

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