Fayza finds opportunities to increase household income in Jordan

Fayza finds opportunities to increase household income in Jordan

Fayza is capitalizing on the agricultural training she receives in FRB’s Jordan-Greigra program to bring more income to her household. In this arid land, participants in the program receive training on expanding agricultural land and improving farm productivity with irrigation from new reservoirs and water catchment systems.

Fayza is a 52-year-old married woman with five children, all of whom are still in school. Her husband is a farmer whose income has not been enough to cover the family’s daily expenses. Fayza responds well to challenges. Like other women in the program, she plants vegetables in her home garden and saves money by not having to buy them at the market.

Fayza sees participating in as many of the program’s food security trainings as possible as a way to increase her skills and support her family. After a training session on growing vegetables, she took out a loan to buy seeds and inputs, and planted tomatoes on her farm. The tomatoes, with irrigation from the reservoirs, grew well under her care. She used the proceeds from sales of her excess produce to purchase two calves. She’s now able to give her family fresh milk, and is selling some to neighbors. Her children are growing healthier from the diverse diet, and Fayza is hoping to increase calf breeding and sell meat in the future.

When the program chairman asked her about the benefits she’s received from food security training, and her plans for the future, Fayza said, “I am hoping to increase my tomato production, which will help buy more calf feed to support my milk and meat production goals.”

The Jordan-Greigra program encompasses 1 community, 55 households, and 5,000 individuals.

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