News from the FRB growing project in Oxford IN

News from the FRB growing project in Oxford IN

‘If you grow it, positive things will come’

By Clayton Doty Benton County (IN) Review, Oct. 16, 2013

Combines in the field Sunday harvested an especially important crop on the Larry and Cheryl Winger farm south of Oxford. Members of the Oxford United Methodist Church and Lafayette First Christian Church helped celebrate the harvesting of their 20 acre corn “Field of Dreams.”

In their 10th year, the funds from the harvest benefit the Foods Resource Bank. The proceeds go for projects which help eliminate poverty in third world countries. The project has earned over $200,000 in the first nine years.

According to the Foods Resource Bank’s annual report, the organization is “A Christian response to world hunger. FRB links the grassroots energy and commitment of the U.S. agricultural community with the capability and desire of small farmers in developing countries to grow lasting solutions to hunger.”According to Don Johnson, Co-Chairman of the event, “The projects are done mostly in rural areas where the farm communities are learning better ways to raise crops, feed their families and have a little bit left over to sell.”

The other Co-Chairman, Larry Winger, said the funds from last year went to a village in Tacobamba, Bolivia. Winger had the unique opportunity of being in Bolivia with another organization – Habitat for Humanity. He said that he and his wife Cheryl had a chance while they were there to visit the town where the funds from the 20 acres harvested went, and were amazed by the benefits the people of the village were receiving from the donation.

“There are 7 billion people in the world, and 1 billion of them are like those in Tacobamba,” said Winger. He went on to explain that Foods Resource Bank helps these impoverished people stay where they are, raise their families and make a life for themselves. Foods Resource bank has helped teach the people of the village many farming techniques. As part of the harvest celebration on the Winger Farm those who attended got a chance to ride in the combine as the corn was being harvested. 

Combine drivers were: Tim Muller, Matt Vandeveer, Randy Miller and Andrew Winger. There was also a small petting zoo, hay rides, craft area and of course lots of food. 
According to Johnson, Pioneer has supported this project for all 10 years by donating the seed. Wright Implement and Castongias have also been good supporters of the project along with the John Deere Foundation. Other input costs are covered with church member donations.

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