Feeding families displaced by Israel-Hamas conflict

Feeding families displaced by Israel-Hamas conflict

This month, headlines have been flooded with the most recent updates on the Israel-Hamas conflict. While these updates are important, we don't often hear the voices of those who are hungry, exhausted and displaced. 

MCC, the lead organization for FRB's Palestine - Gaza program, wants these voices to be heard. Follow this link to read their latest update.  

FRB's local partner organization, Al Najd Development Forum, a community-based organization begun by women in Gaza, has been distributing locally purchased food to families affected by the bombings. 

Staff at Al Najd are quickly responding to need, despite sleepless nights (due to bombings), and the destruction of some of their own homes. 

Please remember those from Al Najd, and MCC, who are working for peace in the midst of this tragedy. 

MCC is accepting donations to support this effort. You may give online, or call 1-888-563-4676. 

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