Palestine-Gaza Conflict & Flooding Update

Palestine-Gaza Conflict & Flooding Update

The recent conflict in Gaza, which started on July 8, 2014, comes shortly after major flooding in the region this winter.  The local partner and participants in FRB's Palestine-Gaza program have been focusing on how best to manage these immediate threats to livelihoods while still trying to maintain a development focus.  

On February 2nd 2014, FRB granted an additional request for funding which allowed participants to rebuild rabbit shelters and replace livestock that were lost or destroyed in the severe floods.  Overall this helped to put people back on track and the program continued to move forward with a new year’s plan, which began in March of 2014.  The new plan continues to work with families in the training of raising rabbits so that families can provide food and additional resources for their families within a limited space.  This year 65 different families received rabbits.  

We received a note on the 18th of August updating us on the impact of the conflict. Of the 65 families that received rabbits 25 have completely lost all of their rabbits due to the difficulties of the conflict. Of the remaining 40 families all have lost some rabbits but still have a number remaining.  For now, the local partner will continue as it can to support these families and once the conflict settles down they will work to rebuild what was lost.  

Below you will find a video that highlight the destruction of the flooding. If you visit the actual YouTube page you will see additional videos showing the impact of the recent conflict and current relief efforts.

Please note: these videos highlight the relief efforts funded directly through MCC. While FRB funded development is still part of MCC's work in the region, the recent series of events have made relief efforts a necessity for the time being for MCC.

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