From the 29th of November to the 7th of December, 2014, a group of nine from Foods Resource Bank (FRB) came to Nicaragua. For the majority, it was their first time visiting this land of beautiful nature and rich culture.

Their desire was to witness the vast number of projects they support through World Renew Nicaragua. As you may have guessed, we saw, learned and experienced much more than initially expected. We truly witnessed God’s work in Nicaragua.

Due to limited of time, the team divided into two groups. One visited communities in Managua and Ginotepe while the other visited communities in Matagalpa and Boaco. Each group had a chance to meet two of our partner organizations here – Christian Medical Action (AMC), YMCA Nicaragua (ACJ), Fundacion San Lucas, and CIEETS.

I helped facilitate the trip with the second group. We visited the main AMC office in Managua where we were given a brief introduction and overview of AMC… We also asked specific questions regarding the several projects completed in the Matagalpa area.

After the meeting in Managua, we took two pick-up trucks (HiLux!) to Matagalpa. For nearly 4 hours, we bounced along the treacherous roads of the mountains.  Despite the rough and long drive, stunning sceneries made every uncomfortable moment worth it. On our ways to the two communities in Matagalpa, Nueva Jerusalem and San Joaquin, God’s beautiful creation of green pasture amongst vast coffee farms welcomed us. At both of those two communities in Matagalpa, we heard multiple inspiring stories and testimonies of individuals who had been changed by the program. Their dreams were fulfilled by the programs our team funded..

Now they are able to obtain land ownership and sufficient income to educate their children and support their families.  Their lives were transformed from that of a dependent worker to that of an autonomous, confident individual.  Now they are proud of their lives and the differences they can make in their communities.   They thanked AMC, World Renew and FRB for giving them the ability to have confidence in their abilities and a hope for the future.

Later we visited Boaco, where we attended a short meeting with ACJ staff at their office.
Learning about several projects done by ACJLearning about several projects done by ACJBefore we visited communities in Boaco, ACJ staff reviewed the projects executed in different communities. The meeting allowed us to better understand the details of specific projects supported by the FRB. From funding the local agricultural field school to empowering women and children at homes, ACJ supports a wide range of projects in Nicaragua.

We visited two communities in Boaco called Las Brisas and Loma de Cafen. Both communities were similar to those we visited in Matagalpa. However, these communities put more emphasis on educating existing and future farmers on different, improved methods of farming in relation to climate change. Through different experiments, they learn better ways to organically deal with pests and crops.

Throughout these educational visits, the team was able to view how their gifts truly support each community. In viewing the success of these programs in the local communities, it was more than obvious that the people’s love for God was reciprocated by his love for them.  

Through the support of FRB and God’s loving care, these communities truly are beginning to thrive. Specific personal interactions with the farms from these communities allowed the team to connect with communities, projects, and our four different partner organizations.

During this short week, the team was able to connect with the communities and people. They received and learned more than what they have expected. Indeed, God opened our eyes and our hearts throughout the trip. He showed us how projects have been carried out beautifully and faithfully for years. He selected the people with sincere hearts to be a part of different projects and allowed them to grow their communities on their own. Yes. God is working in Nicaragua.

By HaEun Nam with World Renew

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